Stay Ahead Of Criminals

More and more, we’re hearing of criminals cutting phone lines before breaking into homes. Criminals are doing this because they think that if there is a security system in place, that there is a good chance it is using a phone line to communicate its signals back to a monitoring station. They think think that by cutting the phone line, and disrupting the communication signal they can break in with the authorities being notified.
Now you can stay one step ahead of the criminals.


Adding a cellular module to your monitored security system will keep you ahead of criminals because it does not rely on the phone service provider nor the actual, physical line coming off the pole and into your home. The cellular module transmits directly to the central monitoring station using its own cellular airtime. No lines to cut. No communication disruption.


Bonus reason to install a cellular module: Your security system no longer relies on your phone provider’s service. If you’re like most people, your whole family is on some sort of smart phone. If you’ve ever considered eliminating your landline phone service to save some money, adding a cellular module will allow you to do just that.

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