Energy Management Features

It pays to “Go Green”.

Save up to 30% off your home energy bill when you integrate our full energy management solution with your alarm system.

Smart Thermostat

World’s most intelligent thermostat.

Control and program your thermostat from wherever you are in the world.

Security ONE’s smart thermostat is the first thermostat in the world that adjusts automatically when you’re home and when you leave. Integrated with your security system, users can program set schedules to manage energy consumption and even control it from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Z-Wave Lighting

Control lighting with your phone.

Turn on and off lights with your smartphone from wherever you are in the world.

Z-Wave enabled lighting control is the easiest, most convenient way to set scenes and schedules for ambiance, security and energy savings. Users can also track activity and receive alerts if a light is turned on or off.

Schedule lights to automatically come on when you disarm your system so you can arrive to a well lit home. Additionally, users can program a floor lamp to come on when they are not home to give potential intruders the appearance that the home is occupied.

Energy Management

Make your utilities work around your schedule.

Set scenes and schedules for added comfort, convenience and energy savings.

It’s difficult to manage your time and even more difficult to manage energy usage. With our energy management solution – easily set schedules for lighting, furnaces or air-conditioners and control everything from your smartphone.

Go "Green"

Stop worrying and start saving.

Save up to 30% off your energy bill.

Save up to 30% off of your home energy bill with a Security ONE energy management system and give a whole new meaning to “going green.” Manage your energy consumption when you’re away from your home by remotely adjusting your thermostat, turning off lights and small appliances, and lowering blinds.

Environmental Alerts

Every second counts.

We provide monitoring of environmental and energy devices that will protect your home from the following occurrences:
  • Low temperature – prevent pipe freezes
  • Sump pump overflow – prevent floods
  • Carbon monoxide detection – keep your family safe
  • Power failure monitoring – know when there is a problem with a furnace or air conditioner
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