Home Automation System Features

It’s OK to be a control freak.

Automate and control lighting, door locks, security system, small appliances and more all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Smart Thermostat

World’s most intelligent thermostat.

Control and program your thermostat from wherever you are in the world.

Security ONE’s smart thermostat is the first thermostat in the world that adjusts automatically when you’re home and when you leave. Integrated with your security system, users can program set schedules to manage energy consumption and even control it from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Z-Wave Lighting

Control lighting with your phone.

Turn on and off lights with your smartphone from wherever you are in the world.

Z-Wave enabled lighting control is the easiest, most convenient way to set scenes and schedules for ambiance, security and energy savings. Users can also track activity and receive alerts if a light is turned on or off.

Schedule lights to automatically come on when you disarm your system so you can arrive to a well lit home. Additionally, users can program a floor lamp to come on when they are not home to give potential intruders the appearance that the home is occupied.

Automated Door Locks

Get rid of the dreaded house key.

Control entry to your house from wherever you are in the world.

Your automated door lock is the first step to initialize a series of automated commands. Enter your code into a Security ONE automated door lock and your door unlocks, security system disarms, and thermostat returns to a comfortable temperature. Great for remotely granting access for housekeepers, neighbors or contractors directly from your smartphone.

Scene Control

Lights, Camera (and more), Action!

Set scenes and schedules for added comfort, convenience and energy savings.

A Security ONE total home automation system allows users integrate lights, locks, thermostat and alarm for the ultimate convenience. From your smartphone or web-enabled device, turn on your alarm system, shut off your lights, lower the thermostat and lock the door – and it all happens in an instant.

Smarter Video Alerts

Stop worrying and start living.

The ultimate peace of mind.

Add Video Analytics to your system and the security benefits grow. Know who’s at your front door before opening it – or check up on the babysitter and children while away. Pet lovers can enjoy the peace of mind of seeing what their animal companion is up to while away. With hundreds of different applications, Security ONE’s video provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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