Monitored Panic Buttons

When it comes to your safety, nothing should be left to chance. Panic buttons provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. With the press of a button our devices will connect you with 24/7 monitoring and emergency services.

Access Immediate Assistance with a Single Press

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Portable Personal Solutions

When it comes to your personal safety, there should be no compromises. Our mobile panic buttons are designed to provide security in a variety of situations and settings. Whether you’re out for a late-night walk, navigating through unfamiliar territory, or simply seeking an added layer of protection, our On The Go Lite device offers a discreet solution to enhance your personal safety. Its compact design and user-friendly features ensure that help is readily accessible at your fingertips. 

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Commercial Solutions

Our discreet panic buttons for commercial use offer an invaluable layer of protection, ensuring a swift response in emergency situations. Designed to blend seamlessly into any setting, these panic buttons provide a solution that doesn’t disrupt the professional atmosphere. By implementing these advanced security devices, you empower your staff with the means to swiftly and discreetly summon assistance in case of emergencies or potential threats.

Lone Worker Protection

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