Stay Independent With Numactive

When it comes to your health and safety, nothing should be left to chance. That’s why we’re proud to present Numactive Medical Alert Services – a comprehensive range of solutions designed to keep you protected wherever you go.

Medical Alert Solutions



The Securewatch is an affordable yet cutting-edge MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System) that enables users to confidently engage with their world knowing that assistance is quickly available anywhere in Canada. Custom-Built for active seniors, the Securewatch seamlessly integrates into active lifestyles while prioritizing safety and independence. 
✓ Powered by Built in Cellular
✓ 24 Hour Battery Life
✓ Proprietary Location Detection
✓ Full Sensor Suite
✓ Vibration Feedback for Hearing & Visually Impaired
✓ Text to Locate
onthego lite medical alert pendant

OnTheGo Lite Alert Cloud

 The Alert Cloud provides fast and dependable single button access to our emergency monitoring station, utilizing the latest call technology and state of the art assisted GPS and Wi-Fi location services.

✓ 2-Way Voice Communication
✓ 4G LTE Cellular – works anywhere in North America
✓ 4 Day Battery Life with Verbal Low-Battery Notifications
✓ Assisted GPS & WiFi Location Services
✓ Water Resistant
✓ 3-Axis Accelerometer with proven fall detect algorithms
✓ Compatible with the RemoteCare247 App
libris pendant

Libris Alert Pendant

The Libris Alert Pendant is the recommended choice for individuals with pacemakers, as it is magnet-free. This pendant provides round-the-clock coverage, automatic fall detection, and instant access to help, allowing you to maintain independence with peace of mind.

✓ Fall Detection Technology
✓ GPS Location services
✓ Two-Way Voice Communication
✓ Device Location Assistance
✓ Long-Lasting Battery
numera home safety hub

Home Safety Hub

The Home Safety Hub enhances home safety and protection, offering peace of mind. The discreet Personal Help Button Pendant ensures quick assistance with a simple button push. This seamlessly integrated connected care device complements your home seamlessly.

✓ Fall Detection
✓ 24/7 Monitored Coverage
✓ Illuminated Help Button
✓ Two-way Voice Capability
✓ 1,000 ft Range
✓ Automatic Testing

Lone Worker Protection

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