We are They
There is no “They” here. “They” does not exist here. We are the “They.” ONE team. ONE Goal. We are all painted with the same brush, we win and lose together. Take personal ownership of customer complaints, share customer praise with the team.
We Create Wow Moments
Every customer. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses. Under promise. Over deliver. The WOW to WOM (Word of Mouth) recipe is a combination of "Differentiation + Unexpected". No one tells their friends or family about “adequate” service, that’s expected.
Take your work very seriously but not yourself
Try and find the humour in everything. Laugh daily. A thankful & optimistic attitude reduces stress. People can see a smile over the phone. Intentionally foster fun.
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What does it mean to work at Security ONE? Take a look at what our employees think and feel about working at Security ONE, as we highlight our Corporate Ideals. Be sure to watch how much fun we had making the video with our outtakes

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