Make Peace of Mind a Priority

The safety of your home and family is often a top priority for many Canadians. Unfortunately, taking measures to protect your home and family is too often a reaction from a life event.

Residential Services

Home Security

Protect your home with a range of intelligent home security solutions.

The best home security technology combined with professional installation and ULC monitoring for the ultimate burglary prevention system.

Energy Managment

Cut energy costs in your home by up to 30%

Manage your energy consumption when you’re away from your home by remotely adjusting your thermostat, turning off your lights and small appliances, and adjusting blinds.

Automation & Control

Automate and control lighting, door locks, alarm system and thermostat for the ultimate convenience and security.

Traditional home automation systems are rigid, complex and cost a fortune. Good News: Security ONE has introduced a suite of automation and control technology that is easy to use, improves security and adds energy management benefits, and costs a tenth of what the other guys charge.


24/7 Local ULC Monitoring.

Most alarm companies outsource the monitoring of your alarm to 3rd party call centers offshore. Our clients prefer the local specialized attention and the comfort that we live and work in your community.