How to use Bluetooth Disarm

With the Qolsys security panel, you are now able to pair up to 5 devices to your panel for auto-disarm capability. You can also pair a phone to a specific partition if you have partitions setup at your home.

Enabling this capability will allow you to auto-disarm your system when your device is within 15 feet of your security panel. If you have a smart lock, you may be able to set up a rule to auto-unlock your door as well!

To pair your phone to your Control Panel using Bluetooth:

  • Before you begin, make sure Bluetooth is turned On and enabled on your phone
  • Swipe down from the top by pressing the at the top of your screen to access the settings page
  • Select Settings
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Type in your master code
  • Select Bluetooth Devices
  • Select Add Device
  • Select your device from the Control Panel
  • Select Pair
  • Input the code into your phone when prompted
  • If you have Partitions set up, you can select the specific Partition the phone should be paired with. For more information on Partitions, click here
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is left On to disarm your system in the future

Warning: Pairing a mobile device that is not on the list below may cause your security system to auto-disarm if your phone is left within the vicinity of the security. Make sure you only pair one of the below compatible mobile devices.

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