Winter Tips

The weather is chilly, the leaves are off the trees, and snow has been on and off again. Winter is just about here, and it’s time for a few winter tips.


1)      Service your Furnace / Air Conditioner. It’s the best time to call someone to check that your heating and cooling systems are in good working order. If you have someone clean it out, make sure there are no cracked pipes or dirty filters, you’ll reduce your energy bills, and reduce the risk of fire.
2) Check that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are working properly. Change the batteries and test them out so you know they work. If you can get fire monitoring protection for your home, you should. It can save lives and reduce the risk of damage.
3) Stock up on winter supplies. Make sure you have shovels, ice salt, ice scrapers, and other winter safety items in your home and car. Make sure you have storm shutters to protect your windows, duct tape, tarps, and other items.
4) Check your emergency kits. Wherever you live, you can lose power, phone service, or get bad storms that could leave you housebound. Make sure you have enough food and clean water to last everyone in your home, and pets, for several days. Keep extra flashlights and batteries on hand, and if you use any medication, be sure to have a week’s supply in store, just in case.
5) Clean up your yard. A little bit of maintenance can prevent further damage or clogged sewer drains.

Shovel car

Figure out your own check list, and you can protect yourself from incurring costly repairs and dealing with unprepared emergencies in the future.

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