Winter Safety Tips

• Light up the dark

– It gets dark much earlier these days, and criminals like to work in the dark. They don’t want to get caught in the act and the best way to do this is to commit crimes in darkness.
– Installing motion-activated lights. Not only will this act as a deterrent to criminals, but it also helps cameras capture higher quality video.


• Prepare for emergencies

– Power outages and other emergencies increase during winter. Frozen power lines or fallen trees can leave homes without electricity.
– Keep an emergency kit at home. It should include flashlights, batteries, blankets and other items to get you through a power outage.
– Flooding is also a concern at this time of year. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to break, flooding homes and basements. Our flood detectors can alert you if a flood occurs no matter where you are.


 Be careful with heaters

– Every winter, fires and even deaths are caused by unsafe heating.
– Be sure to keep anything that can burn (blankets, paper, clothing, etc.) at least three feet away from heating equipment such as furnaces, fireplaces or space heaters.
– Never use an oven, BBQ or outdoor heater to heat your home.
– Have all heating equipment checked for safety issues before turning it on for the first time this season.
– Never leave portable heaters unattended.
– Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly.

To add flood detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or other life safety devices to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317, or just CLICK HERE.

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