Winter Break & Enters

A recent article on cites LaSalle police warning the public how easy you can become the victim of a break simply because of the weather.

According to the article, Police are putting out a warning to homeowners who could very easily be the victims of break and enters when it snows.

They report a spike in residential Break & Enter’s in the weeks leading up to Christmas last year. LaSalle Police say they even figured out just what types of homes criminals were targeting.

“A group of individuals were identified, located, and subsequently charged with numerous B&E’s in the LaSalle/Windsor area last year,” says Constable Jamie Nestor. “In speaking with them post arrest, we learned…they would drive through neighborhoods a couple days after a snowfall and look for an absence of traffic to and from a residence (ie. foot prints, tire tracks).”

House snow

Nestor says crooks would then knock on the door. No answer? Break in.

“It’s that simple,” says Nestor.

“If you’re going out of town, tell a family member, friend, or trusted neighbor to do one small favour for you. Have them drive up and down your driveway a few times after a snowfall and perhaps walk up to the front door to check for mail or papers. A couple of minutes can prevent a lot of misery.”

house paper pile

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