Why Monitoring Matters

Having a Home Security System is a lot like having a good friend that never gets tired and never needs to sleep or rest and is always keeping an eye on things and looking out for you and your home.   When you are sleeping your Security System waits and watches in case somebody tries to invade your home when you are most vulnerable. Your Security System keeps watch when you are away and your home is empty and if you have monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors your Security System keeps watch for fire and CO leaks too.

Flooded Basement

With the right equipment your Security System also stands guard to watch your home against floods and water leaks as well as freezing temperatures that could cause pipes to rupture.  In the event of a fire or CO leak or a home invasion your friend the Security System needs to be able to tell somebody and that is where monitoring comes in.  Monitoring is your Security Systems lifeline.   When there is trouble your Security System is going to need somebody to tell, somebody who is always ready and trained to respond quickly and who will send the right help right away. That’s where the professional staff at Security ONE’s central monitoring station makes all the difference.

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Our people are:

1.) Local.    Not only is Security ONE locally owned and operated but our monitoring staff knows the area and can direct help right to your front door because they live where you live and not 200 miles away or even in another country.

2.) Ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.   Our monitoring staff is on duty every minute of every hour of every day of the year and we never outsource or subcontract this responsibility to anyone else.   It’s just too important of a job to trust to anyone but Security ONE trained professionals.

3.) Trained and certified.   Security ONE’s central monitoring station is ULC listed and our staff have attained the prestigious CSAA Five Diamond Certification which means our monitoring staff have been tested and found to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.

4.) Experienced.   At the end of the day there is no substitute for real world on the job experience.   Our central monitoring staff have years of experience responding to every kind of situation from contacting a homeowner to let them know they left the garage door open to dispatching Fire and EMS to a home fire. When there is real trouble and lives are in danger there is no substitute for an experienced trained professional who will remain calm and get you the help you need quickly.



If your Security System is like a good friend that never rests and watches over you and your home tirelessly waiting to sound the alarm in the event of a flood, fire or break-in then a Security System monitored by the professional staff at Security ONE is like that friend having the Police, Fire Department and EMS and a whole team of trained professionals ready to contact the right people at the right time with the right information in the event of a flood, a carbon monoxide leak, a fire, or a burglary. And, it can turn the lights on when it gets dark, adjust the thermostat when you are away and even send you a text message to let know when your kids get home safely from school.   A Security System is certainly a great friend to have on your side but without professional monitoring from Security ONE your friend becomes a helpless bystander forced to watch and unable to respond when you need them most.

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