Why Do Churches Need Security Systems?

All residential and commercial locations may be targeted for break-ins. Stores, homes, offices, burglars will target any location that contains valuables and can be entered undetected. But a burglar wouldn’t target a church, right? Sadly, burglars will often target churches, as they know that often these locations include valuables and are often unoccupied. 

In 2020, churches in Saskatchewan saw a 60% increase in break-ins, while churches in Nova Scotia also saw a string of break-ins (4 break-ins over a weekend). More recently, in 2021, Vancouver churches saw a spike in vandalism. This is why all churches should have monitored alarm systems.

A monitored alarm system provides unparalleled peace of mind as they deter and detect burglars. This means that when a burglar enters a location with a monitored alarm system, they will trigger the alarm, which will sound, as 24/7 response will be notified and respond to the alarm signal. This instant connection and response greatly increase the chance the burglar will be apprehended. 

Churches are typically easy to protect with a monitored alarm system. This is because they often contain large open areas, where motion can easily be detected. Beyond that, while they may have multiple points of entry, usually only one is used during day-to-day operation. This means that churches can be protected cost-effectively with the proper placement of alarm equipment. 

Most importantly, all churches should have video surveillance placed both outdoors and inside the location. Video is a fantastic deterrent, especially if combined with proper lighting. Video systems let any potential burglar know their actions are being recorded, which not only lowers the chance of a burglary from happening, it also dramatically increases the chances of burglars being caught afterwards.

Whether your church has a 30 person or a 3000-person congregation, all churches should be protected with a monitored alarm and video surveillance system. A proper, professionally installed and monitored alarm solution will dramatically lower the chances of break-ins occurring and will provide unmatched peace of mind. 

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