Dangerous neighborhoods in London Ontario

London is the 11th most populated metro in Canada and the 5th highest populated in Ontario. While it’s true that London is a safe city to live and work in, like all major urban centers certain neighborhoods are more dangerous than others. Here are the most dangerous neighborhoods in London, Ontario: 

For 2020, the most dangerous area in London, Ontario was SOHO. The SOHO area has 3515 residents and in 2020 violent crime was significantly above the national average for Canada. SOHO experienced a yearly 2% decrease in crime in 2020. And while SOHO is the most dangerous neighborhood in London, it is still 1% safer than the Canadian national average.

Chelsea Heights was the second most dangerous neighborhood in London. In 2020, Chelsea Heights had 41% more crime than the average for London areas. Total crime, property crime, and violent crime in Chelsea Heights were all above the national average. Chelsea Heights is only safer than 2% of Ontario cities. 

The third most dangerous area of London in 2020 was Kipps Lane. Kipps Lane population is higher than both SOHO and Chelsea Heights and had slightly less crime than both other areas. Violent crime in Kipps Lane was 71% higher than the national average. Beyond that, the neighborhood was significantly above the Canadian average for both total crimes and property crime. 

Ealing was London Ontario’s fourth most dangerous area in 2020. Population and crime stats for Ealing are similar, yet slightly less, than Kipps Lane. Ealing had 37% more crime than other London neighborhoods and was also above the national average for violent crime, property crime, and total crime. 

The fifth most dangerous neighborhood in London Ontario for 2020 was Dundas Street. This area is the least populated on the list with only 447 residents. Crime rates in Dundas Street were 62% higher than the national average. Beyond that, the Dundas Street neighborhood was only safer than 3% of Ontario cities.   

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