What Is Cellular Monitoring

For many years the only way to monitor your Security System and Fire Alarm System was to plug into the telephone line….and that worked really well for a long time and continues to work today. However, times change and technology has evolved and we now have a better way to monitor that offers the additional advantage of no wires at all!



Let’s be honest…we live in a wireless world. Every day people make hands free phone calls while driving their cars or send emails from the bleachers while watching the kids soccer game. Our cellular network in Southwestern Ontario is particularly strong and well maintained which allows us to offer our customers the great opportunity to add a Cellular Module that allows your Security System to communicate wirelessly with our Central Monitoring Station.



Once the mighty Cellular Module is installed, if strong winds bring down a tree and knock out telephone service in your area your Security System will continue to communicate with our Central Monitoring Station.   If your crazy neighbor digs up the cable while building a fence next door…no problem….your Security System will continue to transmit a signal. Even if the power goes out and every line going into your home is cut your Security System can still send a signal and we are able to monitor your system. All thanks to this little marvel of modern technology: the Cellular Module.



Every day hundreds of people cancel their home phone and switch to Cellular. Smart and informed buyers are making the change to Cellular for their phone services and now they are also making the change to Cellular for their Security Monitoring Services.  A clear and strong Cellular signal sent by a Cellular Module from your Security Panel to our Central Monitoring Station is the best way to Monitor your System in 2015 and in the future. We want to provide you with the very best service possible and we know Cellular Monitoring will help us to accomplish that goal.

Wireless technology has brought us some truly amazing things like the TV Remote, WiFi, Remote Car Starter, GPS and now Cellular Security! Security ONE has made the commitment to you that we will stand watch 24/7/365 and we will respond when you need us to send help when there is trouble.   Help us help you by making the switch to Cellular Monitoring today!

To learn more about adding a cellular module to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.

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