What Burglars Want You To Keep Doing

Are you leaving hints about what valuables you have when you’re not home?
When it comes to protecting your home, there a few things to do that seem obvious: Locking your doors when you leave, setting your security system at night. But there are some things that burglars with even the lowest IQ’s just don’t want you figure out.

visitor management

  1. Let them in

Letting delivery men into your home for deliveries usually isn’t necessary. Criminals sometimes moonlight as robbers after scoping out your home. This may not be the case most of the time, but if you must let them in, demand to see ID.


  1. Let then use the bathroom

If a service worker you don’t know asks to use your bathroom, it’s best to learn to say no. Its very easy to unlock your window to get in later.


  1. Only lock the front door

Your back door, second story windows, and window above the kitchen sink are all practical openings into your home. Protect them, too.


  1. Leave your alarm system in plain sight

When installing your alarms, make sure the keypad or control box can’t be seen from the outside. You don’t want burglars to see if you’ve forgotten to arm it.


  1. Answer the door for strangers

When a stranger knocks asking for directions, they could be testing your vulnerability or scoping out your home. It’s not a crime to ignore your doorbell.


  1. Use a front porch flowerpot

Burglars of all I.Q. levels will know to look under doormats, flowerpots, garden pebbles, and so on for a house key. Leave your spare with a trusted neighbor or friend.


  1. Leave out your kids’ toys

That shiny new bike you saved up to buy for your kid’s birthday could lure burglars to your house, because it indicates more shiny things inside.


  1. Reveal your new purchases

When you purchase new electronics or high ticket items, make sure the packaging isn’t proudly displayed on the curb. Let your friends or neighbors know your got a new Smart TV, not burglars.


  1. Brag about vacation

Don’t let everyone on social media know that you’re taking an extravagant tropical vacation for three very long weeks. You don’t know who’s looking, so just post some #tbt photos when you’re back home instead.


  1. Open the shades

Sunset are beautiful, but when it starts to get dark outside and all your lights are on, burglars can scope out your most valuable items.


  1. Leave out your ladders and tools

Even if you’re going to be back out in the yard early in the morning, put your tools away. Don’t make it easy for burglars to break in with own tools.

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