Video Verification

Security ONE’s Video verification service is designed literally to catch more criminals. Video verification is not a replacement for, nor a substitute for a camera system. It is a supplement. Our video verification equipment sends a real-time video to the central station when motion is detected. When one of 5-Diamond certified Central Station operators dispatches the police when video has verified a crime in progress, the police consider that to be a “Priority 1” dispatch.

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It is an alarm system like you’ve never seen before. With a verified response, police see more arrests and reduced crime. Ultimately, this means you see fewer losses and  that leads to more peace of mind.


Verification is especially important because it determines whether an alarm is legitimate or not. Police are able to treat a verified alarm as a crime in progress.Here’s the best part – Security ONE’s video verification system is completely wireless and, with a battery life of up to 5 years, requires no power to run.

To learn more about our video verification solutions, call 1-800-265-5317, or just CLICK HERE.

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