Tips To Beat The Grinch

This time of year sees the biggest shopping weeks of the year. Whatever the reason, his shoes or the season, the Grinch is on the prowl more than ever.
With all of the home electronic products and “Must-Have” items, the temptation for thieves is much higher.
Here are some tips to help beat the Grinch, and keep your home or business secure over the Christmas holidays:

1. Install a motion sensor flood light. Good outdoor lighting prevents burglars from approaching a house as they do not want to be seen – or recognized!
2. Be careful how you install outdoor Christmas lights. Don’t run extension cords through windows. This provides an easy point of entry for criminals.
3. Don’t put boxes out with recycling. It’s like advertising to the whole neighborhood that you have new, expensive items. Break your boxes down more than you normally would, and if possible, take them to a recycling depot directly.
4. Avoid the Facebook Countdown! Don’t post your upcoming Christmas holiday, when your leaving, and how long you’ll be gone. Rather, wait until you return and then post the pictures of your wonderful vacation.
5. Strengthen doors and windows. A few dead-bolts and new window hinges can significantly increase the security of your home.
6. Close the curtains! Don’t keep the presents or other valuable items next to the window for all to see.
7. Ask for help!! If you going away over the Christmas holidays – even for a weekend visit – ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail, and shovel the driveway/sidewalk. You may owe them a favour, but your home will have the illusion of being occupied, making it less attractive to burglars.
8. Lock up the garage. In addition to protecting valuable items like tools, lawnmowers and bikes, keeping your garage or shed secure prevents burglars from being able to use your tools to force their entry.
9. Don’t hide keys. Burglars know to look for spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Give the spare key to family or trusted neighbor, or invest in a lockbox.
10. Set your alarm! Statistics show that a home with monitored security is three-times less likely to be broken into. Teach the whole family how to properly arm the system, and always use it.

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