Tidy Up Your Cords

Wireless technology is pretty much everywhere now, but unless you’ve got an “in” with Duracell, you still need to plug all your devices, equipment, and electronics in. So how do you deal with the inevitable mess of cords? Whether it’s at your desk, your entertainment center or bedside table, those cords just seem to continue assembling.

Here are some crafty, do-it-yourself ways of tidying up those cords – and hopefully organize them easier as well:

Wire clip

  • Flag labels: Available at almost any office product isle, label flags are handy little stickers that wrap around an object and create a virtual flag when the tabs are pressed together. The great thing about these labels is that you can write the name of the component on the flag so you don’t have to follow it to where it is plugged in.
  • File folder clips: Also available in almost every office supply isle, these are especially great for keeping track of smartphone or tablet charging cord. All you do is snap the clip to the side of your desk or shelf with the cord hanging out.
  • Bread bag tabs: From the pages of Pintrest, and in the spirit of reduce, reuse or repurpose, save the tabs from your bread bags when you’re done with the loaf. They are surprisingly easy to snap a couple of cords into, and like the flag labels, allow you to write the name of the component on them.

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