Thwarted By Neighbour

Another recent crime has highlighted the importance of having a monitored security system.
Police in Amherstburg have closed the books on a break in they say was thwarted by a neighbour that was in the right place, at the right time, looking in the right direction.
Police say the break in happened in broad daylight, and that a neighbour saw the accused climb through a window into a house. That neighbour then called police.

The report says the burglar came out the same window used to gain entry, and was met by waiting police officers. A 22 year old resident of Amherstburg was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, and possession of breaking and entering tools.

Police say that a home with monitored security is three times less likely to be broken into. They also say that having 24 hour monitoring alerts police to incidents like this at all hours of the day.

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