The Security ONE Difference

Security ONE’s state of the art monitoring station allows for ULC-listed monitoring of burglar, fire, medical, panic, flood, gas and temperature sensors and more. Conveniently located in Southwestern Ontario – our Monitoring Station is an award-winning facility that allows us to offer a level of service unlike anyone else.


Security ONE’s Monitoring Station provides alarm signals processing coming from thousands of hazard detection devices located at the premises of our clients. We offer Two Way Audio, Video, GSM Cellular and IP Monitoring services for all types of facilities. Monitoring home and business alarm systems against different threats, improving security and safety for thousands of people and holding criminals responsible for their crimes.


Central station operators at Security ONE can view the status of alarm systems, security cameras, smoke and fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood and water sensors and a variety of other security tools in real-time. This information can be used to relay important details to property owners in order to reduce crime and keep properties safe. Station operators can also conduct real time visual and audio communication with the location and are able to remotely assist in trouble situations and even help responding authorities while they investigate.

Security ONE’s Monitoring Station also allows for video verified response. In the case of an alarm or trouble condition, central station staff can access live video from security cameras in order to specifically determine what is taking place at the property. This lets the staff verify alarms and reduce situations where emergency authorities respond to false alarms. It also lets staff understand more about the situation that is taking place so that they can relay these crucial details to the authorities. This can help them respond to the situation in the most appropriate manner.

To learn more our monitoring, please call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.


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