Spring Thaw

The leading cause of property damage in North America is flood damage. There are a few things that contribute to this overwhelming fact: Low temperatures and freezing in the colder winter months can cause pipes to burst, while major melting at this time of year can cause water to seep into basements as the grounds gets softer.

Environmential editedA low temperature sensor is great device to help protect yourself because it:

    • Detects drop in temperature
    • Alert you to the problem
    • Installed near hot water tank
    • Can be programmed to send you an email or to have our central station call you
    • Even if you are not available, a professional can dispatched or a key-holder notified

Insurance companies know how important and effective temperature sensors are. Most offer discounts for properly installed temperature sensors.  To more about adding a temperature sensor to your system, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.

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