Social Media Posts

Many people post on social networks to share information with friends and family, to have conversations, and to show the world how their lives are going. However, when you post online, it’s important to remember that people other than your intended audience could see your posts. Unfortunately, criminals frequently look to social media for opportunities to rob unsuspecting victims. Even if you have strict privacy settings on your accounts, the information that you post can still get out.


One of the most common ways that criminals use social media to commit crimes is by researching when people won’t be home and taking this opportunity to break into their properties.

By sharing holiday plans in real-time online, you let criminals know that you’ll be out of town for a while. They can use this information to rob your home when they know you won’t be around.

It’s much safer to share vacation details after the fact, once you have arrived home safely. Tell individual friends and family members in person the dates that you’ll be away and don’t post these details online.


How else can you protect yourself? By ensuring that you have a monitored security system installed that will alert you (and the authorities) if a crime takes place at your property while you are away. A home alarm system that also includes video surveillance camera monitoring is an even better set up. This way, even if you are away from home, your property will be watched over by a central monitoring station. In the event of a crime or other trouble conditions, both you and the authorities will be notified right away.
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