Ski Vacations

What could be more Canadian than strapping a couple of boards on your feet and racing to the bottom of a hill – or a mountain!

While there are plenty of great ski hills in our general area, skiing enthusiasts know that there are some great winter skiing vacations to be had across the US.

Here are the top 5 US ski resort vacations from Forbes magazine.

OgdenProbably the best combination of low prices and truly great skiing in the nation, Ogden’s two resorts, Snow basin and Powder Mountain, offer a combined 10,000 skiable acres – enough for five world class resorts. Hotels and motels in Ogden run towards the low price end, most throw in breakfast, most offer ski packages, a ski shuttle bus takes you to either mountain daily, and its proximity to Salt Lake City makes plane tickets here cheaper and more abundant than to the many ski resorts served by niche airports with few choices.

No resort offers more variety and options than Vail – on and off the mountain. It is huge, with skiing for every ability, and most famous for its vast open bowls. It has four interconnected base villages, linked by walkways and free buses, containing a huge assortment of hotels, condos and small lodges.

Vermont has the most big ski resorts east of the Mississippi, but Jay is very unique for Vermont. First, it gets the most snow, lots of snow, consistently. It is one of the only places in the east where you might actually encounter deep powder. Secondly, it has extensive glades and backcountry access, not common in the Northeast. Most importantly, it is the furthest from New York, Boston, and all the major cities of northeast corridor, right on the Canadian border. This means to compete with the half dozen huge resorts that require far less driving, it has to be cheaper – and it is.Aspen

Aspen has a decadent luxury reputation, and for the many guests arriving by private jet, it is certainly possible to make the sky the only limit on what you spend, with luxury hotels like the Little Nell and St. Regis and a slate of fine dining restaurants charging top dollar. But Aspen is a real town, an old mining town, full of less ornate hotels, condos, and charming saloons, and it is entirely possible to do it on the beer and burger, rather than champagne and caviar, budget.

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