Shoveling snow’s role in security

Yes, you read the headline right! Shoveling the snow plays an important, albeit, subtle role in security and crime prevention.

shovelAlways remember to keep sidewalks and steps clean to create clear and open lines of passage. Don’t pile snow where it would block the view to a door, window, alcove, or basement windows. Keep snow banks small to eliminate possible hiding places. Be sure snow banks do not block any lighting.

Keeping up on the winter yard work like shoveling the sidewalks, bringing in the mail are important ways to show the property is not vacant. If you plan on being away for any amount of time, ask a neighbor or friend to do those tasks for you- and be sure to call the central monitoring station to let know your travel plans.

While you’re at it, why not build a good looking snowman just for good measure – and fun!

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