Security Tips for Small Businesses

Security & Safety Tips for Small Businesses

Install Emergency alarms
Local regulations will most likely include installing fire and CO2 alarms. Make sure these are always tested so in the event of a fire or high levels of CO2 employees will be notified. Go above and beyond and install extra alarms because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Protect your digital assets
Cyber security is a growing risk, especially with more elements of a business being made digital. Pay for security software and keep it updated, it is better to pay now than pay later. Make sure all employees are taught how to properly and securely use any computer systems. Do not download anything from potential malicious websites.

Protect important Company assets
It’s important to always be prepared, a break-in or robbery can occur at anytime. Make sure that all files are kept in locked storage that is waterproofed if possible. Employee files, tax documents, invoices and other documents should be safely stored. Fire proof storage would also be beneficial, but if not possible create duplicates of documents and either digitally store them or keep them at another location. A spare key should also be kept off-site.

Install a security system
Surveillance cameras are a great way to prevent crime. Criminals are less likely to break-in to a business if there are visible security cameras. Monitored security systems are available, making your business protected at all times. Criminals may “scope out” your business before breaking in, if you catch any suspicious activity, report it to the local authorities.

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