Security Quiz

Take this short quiz to see where your security knowledge stacks up!

True or False? Most Home Invasions Happen at night?

False. Movies and TV sometimes make it seem like burglaries only happen at night, with criminals hiding in the bushes. In fact, most break-ins happen between 9 AM and 3 PM.

True or False? Most Homes Are Difficult to Get In Without Keys.

False. Unfortunately, this is not at all true. On average, it takes a career criminal less than a minute to get into a home.

True or False? Break-ins are Not Common.

False. Home break-ins are very common happening every 15 seconds somewhere in the North America.

True or False. Criminals Look For Big Expensive Items.

False. Smash & Grab Criminals look for items that are easy to grab and easy to re-sell such as jewelry, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

True or False? Criminals are not Usually Bold Enough to Break in through the Front of a Home.

True. Criminals look for access with the least resistance. An open window visible from the street is the most common point of entry for break-ins.

True or False? Burglars Don’t Have Time to Check for Unlocked Doors and Windows.

False. Believe it or not, 30% of home invasions occur through an unlocked front door or window. So, while it may be easy to say you rely on your neighbors to hear breaking glass, it usually not the case.

Aren’t Commercial Properties More Susceptible to Crime?

False. While some commercial businesses may be more susceptible to some types crimes, such as shoplifting, home invasions of residential properties account for over 73% of all burglary offences.

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