Security ONE Saves House From Flood

Security ONE customer Ron Ricci of Leamington credits Security ONE with saving him from a potential 100% renovation of his basement.

While on a 2-week European vacation with his wife, Ricci received a call from Security ONE notifying him that his Sump Pump alarm had gone off. “I called back to Canada to have my neighbor go over to make sure everything was alright”, Ricci told Security ONE.

The neighbor reported that the discharge line for the sump pump was blocked and that water was backing up. Within 20 minutes a plumber was on scene as the water had spread to the boiler room  and was beginning to threaten the carpeting in the Entertainment Room and Bar area.

Ricci says some of the capeting had to be replaced, but knew it could have much worse. “Had Security ONE not been so quick to respond, the entire basement not only would have been flooded, but would have sat for another week until we got back from Italy. Everything could have been ruined”.

Ricci also credits his wonderful neighbor for coordinating the efforts with the plumber and restoration company. “I could have been faced with tens of thousands of dollars worth of renovations, so the monthly monitoring fee I pay has proven to be more than worth it”, Ricci said.

To learn more about adding sump pump or flood monitoring to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.

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