Bike Windsor Essex

Security ONE Provides video Surveillance for Bike Windsor Essex

Last month, the Windsor Bike Kitchen was the victim of a break-in, with over $10,000 of product stolen. Local Security provider Security ONE Alarms has stepped up with the donation of a Smart Security and Video Surveillance System.

Bike Windsor Essex Executive Director Lori Newton who manages the non-profit bike shop says the Bike Kitchen helps people who need affordable transportation. “The thieves knew exactly what they were looking for,” she says.  “It’s really sad to think, but it appears this was a professional group of bike thieves. They cherry-picked the best bikes, knocking over bikes to get to the more valuable ones in the back.”

When the staff at Security ONE Alarm Systems heard about the burglary, they responded by stepping up with the donation of a Smart Security system with Video Surveillance to help deter future crimes. “Security ONE stands with our partners at Bike Windsor Essex in helping our community go green,” said Corey Robertson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Security ONE. “Helping to protect people and local organizations’ property is what we do.”

Robertson went on to say that Bike Windsor Essex would be receiving the latest in Video Surveillance technology. “We’re installing Smart Video Surveillance cameras with a Streaming Video Recorder that will allow for very powerful analytics of the footage that can be accessed from anywhere,” he said. “And with our 5 Diamond Award winning Central Monitoring Station, they’ll have an extra set of eyes on the property 24 hours a day.”

Newton and the Board of Directors at Bike Windsor Essex were stunned when Security ONE reached out. “Words cannot express our gratitude to Security ONE for helping out with much needed security for our new shop,” she said. “When I got the call from Corey asking how they could help, I was just blown away.”

Robertson says giving back to the community is part of Security ONE’s DNA. “We’re grateful to Windsor and Essex County for 45 years of business,” he said. “We owe our success to our customers and our community partners.”

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