Securing Your Windows

One of the easiest methods a burglar uses to get into your house is through the windows. That’s why securing your windows is an integral part of your home security design plan. When designing your security plan, look for all of the possible points of enter into your house. Pay close attention to the main floor windows, and be extra aware of ones that can be seen from a back alley or from the street. Burglars will also target second floor windows that are accessible from a tree, balcony, or other easy means of climbing.

The easiest thing you can do is block your windows from opening.

·         Place a piece of wood in your window frame to prevent the window from sliding open from the outside.

·         It’s OK if the wood doesn’t fit exactly. Don’t leave more than a couple of inches that your window can slide open. Test it from the outside to make sure you can’t reach in.

·         Don’t use something to block up your window that can’t easily be removed from the inside in case you need an emergency exit in a fire.

Glass break and window sensors are an essential part of the security system we design. If you would like to add a few window sensors to your system, or would just like to more about them, visit us online at or call 800-265-5317.

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