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3 Simple Ways to Secure Your Garage

Almost all detached homes have a garage. Regardless of being physically connected to the home or an independent structure, garages may be targeted by burglars. It doesn’t matter if you park your car in your garage or simply store things like bikes and equipment in there, it’s important that your garage is protected. Here are 3 simple ways to secure your garage.

Make Sure Your Garage Has Good Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to protect your garage is to equip it with quality lighting. Bright external lights provide a fantastic deterrent against would-be burglars. Thieves don’t want to be caught and proper lighting at night dramatically increases the likelihood of them being detected. You can use either motion-controlled lighting or static lights that stay on throughout the night. A well-lit area around your garage will dramatically lower your odds of any potential break-in occurring.

Use a Locking Garage Door

Traditional garage doors are easy to open. Some older garage door openers will trigger and open when pressure is made, while others may be more difficult but still can be opened by a would-be burglar.

Some newer garage door openers come with power locking controls, meaning that when the garage door is closed it is also locked. This adds an increased level of protection, making it extremely difficult for a burglar to enter the garage. Chamberlain offers units that come with a built-in camera and backup power unit, so you’ll always be able to enter your garage. Moreover, Chamberlain also sells a power locking kit that can be added to any garage door. Beyond that, many of their newer garage door open.

A good garage door opening system, that comes with a locked setting, will help always protect your garage.

Make Sure Windows Have Blinds or Bars

Windows in your garage provide burglars with the ability to see what you have stored inside. They can see if you have anything of value in there (bikes, sporting equipment, etc) and understand if there is an entranceway into the home. Beyond that, windows can also act as an entry point, as they can be broken and potentially entered through.

If you have windows in your garage, make sure that they are covered with blinds or tinting. This way burglars won’t be able to see what you have stored inside the location. Not knowing if there is anything of value inside your garage, may make the burglar think twice about entering. Potentially instead they’ll move on to the next home instead.

If the window is large enough for someone to gain entrance through, then make sure you add metal protection bars to the window. This way it will be virtually impossible for someone to come in. Often the visual of bars on windows alone is a strong enough deterrent for any potential burglar.

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