Reducing False Alarms


According to Windsor Police, a false alarm is any alarm caused by human error or equipment problems requiring a police response, with no evidence of an actual crime having been committed or attempted.

Why are False Alarms a Problem?   

  • Alarms were originally designed to protect lives and property. Properly installed, used and maintained, alarms are a real asset. When misused, they become a liability. The Windsor Police Service as well as the security companies, must spend a significant amount of time and money reacting to false alarms. The system users also experience the inconvenience of false alarms and the assessment of fines.
  • A false alarm can endanger responding officers and the whole community. It may delay the officers from responding to a real emergency.
  • False alarms can lead neighbours to ignore your alarm when it goes off. In effect, your security system becomes less reliable and less credible.
  • False alarms make you reluctant to arm your system, in effect exposing your home or business to undetected theft or damage.
  • False alarms can cost you fines, and in some instances abusers may even have police response suspended.



What can you do to help reduce the amount of false alarms received?

  • Make sure everyone who has a key to your home or business knows how to operate the security system. Keep the name and number of your monitoring station handy.
  • Secure doors and windows before turning on the system.
  • Be aware of changes in the environment (ie. New animals, design changes, seasonal decorations, plants etc.)
  • Notify monitoring facility and Windsor Police Service of new installations, and any changes (ie. Name changes, new employees).
  • Check your batteries regularly
  • Equipment should be routinely inspected and maintained by qualified personnel.
  • Call your security company immediately if your system does not seem to be working properly.
  • An alarm system must be installed properly, maintained properly and used properly in order to be a deterrent against crime and perform to everyone’s expectations.

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