Proper Lighting

Now that the days are shorter, it gets dark out much earlier. That’s why maintaining proper lighting around the exterior of your home or business is so important.
A well light house is less attractive to a burglar as it increases the chances of him being recognized.

Proper lighting deters criminals from breaking into a house as it makes it easier to see them and to recognize them. Motion sensor flood lights are a good way to accomplish this.
Make sure your lights are installed where they cannot be easily reached. A hard, outdoor case makes it harder to break as well. The lights should cover at least 2-4 ft, as a minimum
Lighting is one of the most important and easiest ways to deter criminal activity. The potential for criminal activity is greatly reduced when proper lighting is used. It increases your visibility and reduces the fear of crime.
Lighting with automatic sensors are good step up in creating a safe and secure environment.

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