Preventing Break Ins

Break ins can happen anytime, anywhere. They take away your peace of mind and leave you feeling violated. Here are a few tips that you can to help reduce the chance of a break in happening to you.

Lock your doors and windows
It’s easy to want to leave your windows open during the summer to let in a breeze are to cool down the house, but it is also an invitation to burglars. When you’re not home, make sure your windows are closed – and locked. Use a bar for sliding glass doors, deadbolts for the main doors, and window bars on windows that are easily accessible.

Don’t Advertise Valuables

Don’t encourage burglars by putting high ticket items like your TV, computer, or jewelry box where they can be seen from the road. Close your curtains at night.

Get an Alarm System and Use It

A home with a monitored security system is three times less likely to be broken into. Make sure that you use it – and that everyone in the home is comfortable arming and disarming it. Arm the system when you are home alone or sleeping. In the event that anyone attempts to break into your home, the alarm will sound.

With a monitored alarm system, our central station is immediately notified if there is a crime in progress. The station can then contact you to inform you of the situation so that you can take appropriate action. The central station is also able the dispatch the appropriate authorities directly.

Use Lighting

Criminals don’t want to be seen while they are in the act of committing crimes. Have motion-activated lights installed on your property. Use lighting inside your home to deter criminals as well. If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, set your lights on a timer. With our award winning app Total Connect, your control the lights in your home from your smart device from wherever you are.

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