Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Old Man Winter was particularly harsh this year in Southwestern Ontario, and as you’re likely seeing now, your lawn may have taken the brunt of the beating. To get your lawn looking its best in spring and summer, it’s important to get started now. Oh, and it’ll make maintenance easier in the summer. Here are three easy steps to get started:

  • Pick up the debris. Rake up branches, leaves, foliage, and garbage that was hidden under the snow.  Be sure to rake around plants. Throw all the debris into a compost pile, or put it out on yard waste day.
  • Aerate the lawn. When the soil under your grass is compacted, it is hard for water, air and roots to penetrate. By aerating your lawn, you allow water, oxygen, and other nutrients to get to the grass. This, in turn gives a healthier lawn. The equipment can be easily rented, or a professional can do it for you.
  • Get a head start on weeds. Seeds begin to sprout when the temperature hits 70. You get a jump on weeds by using herbicides. After that, just water your water.


You – and your lawn – are now ready for spring. And, here’s a bonus tip: add a lawn fertilizer after the first cut.

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