Practical Automation

Home Automation. Turn off the lights, lower the thermostat, lock the front door, even turn off your coffee maker – all from your smartphone or tablet.

Lighting. By turning off your lights when you leave, you’re saving energy. And that means you’re saving money. By turning lights on remotely, you give the appearance of someone being home. And that means you’re increasing your security.

Thermostat. Warm up your house before you get home. Turn it down when you’re gone.


Door locks. Let the kids in when they get off the bus, or a contractor in while you’re at work.

Appliances. Make sure your husband turns off the coffee maker or your daughter turns off her curling iron before leaving for school.

Cameras. Check on your dog, the babysitter, or the house cleaner with your smartphone or tablet – from anywhere, anytime



Home alerts. Receive messages when things like medicine or liquor cabinets are opened.

Energy Management. Save money on your energy bills by turning off lights and appliance and lowering the thermostat.

Security. Arm and disarm your security system from your mobile device.

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