Pipes Vs. Polar Vortex

Don’t let the Winter Vortex wreak havoc on your pipes. Any winter frozen pipes can be a serious issue but this winter seems to be harsher than any in recent memory.

Burst pipes and flooding are more than just headaches; they are often very expensive issues to resolve.
By taking a few simple, cost effective measures, you can avoid this type of disaster.

Insulate any exposed pipes Pay particular attention to the pipes on the outer walls, and in the basement. You Most hardware stores carry foam pipe covers and other types of pipe insulation at reasonable costs.

Shut off the water supply to pipes you are not using You should have removed the garden hose and shut off water to those taps long ago. Take the extra time to bleed the pipes if there is a valve. This will make sure all the water is drained out of the pipe before the freeze hits your pipes.

If you’re going away on a winter vacation, turn off the main shutoff valve to the house. Again, drain the water already in the pipes.

If Your Pipes Freeze If your pipes freeze use a hair dryer or a warm towel to thaw the pipe. Frozen pipes can break cause major flooding.

Flooded BasementFlooding can cause even more damage if happens while you are away. Installing flood detectors is an excellent way to avoid disaster. They immediately alert you to a flood so that you can take steps to fix the situation right away, reducing the damage.

Flood damage is the leading cause of property damage in North America and most Insurance companies will give discounts to clients that go to the effort to have a fully monitored flood detection system properly installed in their homes.

To learn more about adding Flood Detectors to your system, call 1-800-265-5317 or CLICK HERE.

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