Phone Line Vs Cellular Module

Do you still use your landline home telephone? Do you and the everyone else in the household have a smartphone? Now may be the time you’ve been thinking of elliminating your landline altogether

  1. Not Relying On Another Company

If you’re using a landline to transmit the signal of your security system, you’re relyng on the your phone provider’s service to communicate. With a Cellular Module, you’re security system is now transmitting to the Central Monitoring Station directly. That’s not just smarter, that’s safer.

going wireless

  1. Not Relying On A Physical Line

Speaking of safer, and smarter, when you use a Cellular Module to transmit the signal of your security system, you are no longer relying on a line, coming off a pole that can be cut – accidentally or on purpose. Criminals are begining to cut phone lines to bypass security systems more and mre.


  1. You can get rid of your land line

If you don’t use your landline anymore and are thinking about ditching it, your alarm monitoring can continue uninterrupted with a cellular module. It will transmit to our Central Station directly, without relying on another company’s service or an actual line coming off the pole and into your home.

To add a cellular module to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE

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