Outline for your Escape plan

The nature of fires, and the way they spread, makes it hard to know when or where they will happen. That’s why it’s important to develop an escape plan. Make sure the whole family is familiar with the plan and practices it regularly.


DON’T JUMP OUT OF BED. If you wake up to a fire, do not jump right out of bed. Heat gets more intense the further you are from the floor. Instead, roll out of bed and onto the floor.

CRAWL TO THE DOOR. Crawl to the bedroom door and touch it first BEFORE opening it to see if it is hot. If it’s too hot, use your alternate escape route.

TRY THE DOOR. If it’s not too hot to touch, open the door about 2 inches. Hold it firmly so that any air pressure does not force it open too quickly. If the air behind the door is warm, do not use the hallway. Pull the door shut and use your alternate escape route.

INSTRUCT YOUR CHILDREN. Shout to your children to stay in their rooms with the doors closed. Remind to open a window no more than three inches Remind them to stay by the window to breath in the fresh air.

HOW TO CRAWL TO SAFETY. If you are able to crawl to safety through the hall, be sure to keep your head a few feet off the floor. Cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth.

KEEP A LADDER CLOSE BY. Have a sturdy ladder that can reach second story windows. Be sure to keep it in a place that is secure from burglars.

NEVER JUMP OUT OF A WINDOW IN A PANIC. A hasty jump may cause injury. Remain calm. If you must escape through a window without a ladder, hang by hands from the sill to lessen the fall.

PLAN AHEAD. Work out a primary and alternate escape route for each member of your member. Review your plans regularly.


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