New Features of Total Connect 2.0

Security ONE’s Total Connect 2.0 from Honeywell has been enhanced with a number of exciting new features that help provide a dynamic user experience, and keep you connected to the things that matter most..

Smart Scene with Wizard Guide*
An intuitive wizard guides you through scene set-up step by step—making it easy to automate scenes for energy savings, comfort and security. This convenient, time-saving feature will help you make the most of your connected home.


Expanded Test Drive with Tool Tips
The expanded Test Drive demo is now compatible with smartphone and tablet devices and NOW includes tool tips — informative pop-ups that accompany and explain each and every feature.

Touch ID*
If you have a mobile device operating on an iOS you can use Touch ID – an easy, highly secure feature that uses your fingerprints to act as your passcode.

Set the scene

Other Highlights
The app is a sleeker, cleaner, more modern interface that’s a delight to look at and to use. Smart auto-syncing on Lynx Touch 7000/5200/5100 models simplifies operation and updates occur automatically within seconds.

To learn more about adding Total Connect to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317, or just CLICK HERE.

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