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Common Security Risks That Often Go Neglected

Security is an important concern for both individuals and organizations. Neglecting to address security concerns can leave individuals and organizations vulnerable to a wide range of threats. In this answer, we will outline some common security concerns that are often neglected. 

Here are some neglected security concerns:

  1. Inadequate locks on doors and windows: Buildings with weak or outdated locks are more vulnerable to burglaries.
  2. Poor lighting around the home or business: Poor lighting can make it easier for burglars to enter a home undetected.
  3. Neglecting to secure garages and sheds: Garages and sheds are often used to store valuable items, but they are often left unsecured, making them easy targets for burglars.
  4. Neglecting to secure the perimeter of the home or business: Buildings with tall fences or walls may neglect to secure gates or other points of entry, making it easier for burglars to gain access.
  5. Lack of fire safety measures: Many homes and businesses do not have enough smoke detectors or accessible fire extinguishers, which can increase the risk of fires and make them harder to contain.
  6. Lack of emergency preparedness: Many people do not have a plan in place for emergencies, such as natural disasters or power outages, which can leave them vulnerable to flooding or other threats.  

Additionally, London Police Services offers a home security audit to increase your awareness of the security risks of your home.

In conclusion, neglecting security concerns can have serious consequences for individuals and organizations. It is important to be proactive in addressing potential security risks and to have measures in place to protect against a wide range of threats. By addressing these and other security concerns, individuals and organizations can significantly reduce their risk of being targeted by attacks or other security threats. Do you think you have neglected one of these concerns? Contact Security ONE to discuss prevention solutions! 

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