Monitoring As Easy As 1-2-3

Once your Security ONE system is armed, it is ready to signal any unwelcomed activity in your home. Having Security ONE on your side is as simple as ONE-2-3. Here’s how quickly the process takes when your system sends us an alarm.

1. The alarm is sounded. Whether it’s an opened door or a broken window or even a motion detector, the local alarm tells the intruder that he has been discovered. The burglar is now more likely to leave immediately. At the same time the system alerts the Security ONE Central Monitoring Station services that there is an emergency. Tackling Burglary

2. Security ONE monitoring team is notified the alarm’s been triggered. Security ONE’s Central Operators can pinpoint exactly which device was triggered, where the issue is, and the precise time of day – all of which can be invaluable information, during an emergency.

3. An operator contacts you and the proper emergency authorities. Whether the fire department, an ambulance or the police are needed, Security ONE dispatched the authorities after verifying with you there is a genuine problem.

To learn more about our monitored security systems, call 1-800-265-5317 or CLICK HERE.

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