March Break Vacation Checklist

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Don’t let nagging doubts about the security of your home spoil your vacation. 

Print this vacation checklist and eliminate your worries while you’re away.

  • Notify the central station and tell us the dates you intend to be away and give us a contact number where you can be reached.
  • Also, notify us that you would like to test your security system to ensure it is working properly and we are receiving signals from your control panel.
  • Stop your mail, newspaper and other deliveries.
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed while you’re away.
  • Ask a neighbor to put out your trash cans and recycle bins on collection day and then retrieve them.
  • Don’t change the message on your answering machine, and never leave a message that says you’re out of town.
  • Leave window blinds and shades in normal positions.
  • A few days before you leave on vacation, set and activate automatic timers for your lights and a TV or radio to be sure they are working properly.
  • Unplug your automatic garage door opener.
  • Before you lock the front door, do a final walk-through to make certain all unnecessary appliances are turned off, all windows and doors are locked and all non-essential appliances and electronics are either turned off and/or unplugged.
  • Arm your alarm system, lock the door and enjoy your vacation!

The above list is just a few of the many ways to improve your security plan. But wouldn’t it be great if you could check in on your home in real time while you’re away?.

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