Making Systems Easy

Using your security system is as Easy as a Sunday Morning! And the easiest way to use it is with a remote entry keyfob. Like you car’s keyfob, it is programmed to work with your system – and your system alone. Using the keyfob uses a one-and-you’re-done button to arm and disarm the system.  Perfect for when you’re in a rush, bringing in the groceries, or to give to the kids so they don’t have to fuss with the keypad or remember codes.

Like with many other devices in our daily lives, smartphones take this concept to next level. With our handy Total Connect app on your mobile device, you may never manually arm or disarm your system again! This is particularly helpful if you have a moment of worry during your day where you can’t remember if you set the alarm or not. It also acts as your virtual keyfob, for when you come home. But what it better is that the keyfob only works when its in range of the system. The app will work wherever you are in the world.

Girl with laptop in her home.

Now, if you’re not as attached to your smartphone as many of us are, the app, and therefore your system, is fully accessible from any computer or laptop. To put it simply, if you have the internet, you can access the app and access your system.

No matter what you use – your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or good old fashioned keypad on the system itself, make it a priority to arm your security system every single time. The whole reason you installed a security system in the first place was to protect your home, your family, your belongings, and to give yourself peace of mind. Even the best security system is worthless if it’s not being used.

To learn more about accessing your security system more easily with a keyfob or our Total Connect app, call 1-800-265-5317 or JUST CLICK HERE.

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