Lessons Learned From Bonduelle Fire

The recent fire and public evacuation order at The Bonduelle plant in Tecumseh brings to mind the importance of having – and knowing – a safety plan for your workplace.

Given the nature and size of the fire, and the extent of the evacuation area, we are all breathing a very big sigh of relief that the local media has reported that were no injuries at all from this fire.


Be sure you are personally aware of your company’s emergency plans. If you are not already familiar, ask for a copy. If your workplace does not have one, you may consider volunteering to help design one.

Make sure every employee knows the exit routes and evacuation plans in your building.

Make sure every employee knows at least two exit routes from each room in the building. Be able to exit in the dark.

emergency lighting

Make sure every employee knows the location of the fire extinguisher(s) and medical kits.

Have a designated meeting area that every employee will go to. Make sure there are special emergency plans in place to address any special needs of individual employees.

Ensure that fire exits and doorways, halls, or stairways are never blocked. Keep fire doors closed to help slow the spread of smoke and fire.

Keep your own emergency kit in a desk drawer. Useful items include a flashlight, walking shoes, a water bottle, non perishable food, and a small first aid kit.

Keep a list of important safety numbers such as your spouse’s work number, and your children’s school number at your desk.

Determine how employees will help others in the event of evacuation orders. Are there employees who would temporarily house, feed, or transport fellow employees?

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