Tips For Leaving The House

Criminals look for easy opportunities. Often that involves casing houses. They watching for patterns or windows of opportunity. Casing a house nowadays also includes using social media to see who is posting about going away on vacation. So, don’t make it obvious when you are not home.
Here are three tips for protecting your home while you are away.

  •  Make You Home Look Occupied There are lots of little things that you can do to make your home look occupied. Set your lights on a timer (our Total Connect app is great for that too!) Turn your TV or radio on – the noise adds an element of someone being home. You also want to to leave your curtains or blinds in the same position they are usually in.
    •  Take Care of ChoresUn-shoveled driveways and junk mail piling up are sure signs that nobody is home. Have a trusted friend, neighbor or family member help out. Ask them to come by and shovel your snow, clean off your car and pick up the mail – and the junk mail!
    Shovel car
    •  Check Your Locks and Alarm System

    Double check all your doors and windows are locked. Test your alarm system as well. Call our Central Monitoring Station and let us know your test the alarm, then go ahead and set it off! Then let us know how long you’ll be away. We’ll note it on your account.

Adding a cellular module to your security system allowsyou to eliminate your phone service. Further, it means your system is not relying on another company’s service, nor is it relying on a physical wire coming off a pole and into your home, which can be cut – accidentally or on purpose. To add a cellular module to your security system as a means of communication call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.

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