IP Cameras

A great feature of Security ONE’s home automation system is video surveillance. With an IP camera and our award-winning app, Total Connect from Honeywell, you can view a live video of your home at anytime from anywhere.


When considering indoor video surveillance there two camera types you need to know about: the fixed camera, and pan-tilt-zoom (or PTZ) camera.

The PTZ camera is a little more advanced and gives better functionality and freedom. The camera lets you move it around, zoom in and out, and see multiple angles of the room it is in. Because it’s an IP address camera, you can see it from an internet browser – including your smart phone or tablet.

All that may sound complicated, but nothing could be easier. The cameras, whether fixed or PTZ, connect right into a wireless router, and only needs to plugged into an outlet to work.


iPhone4_Warehouse Alarm

Our cameras have fast frame rates work well in low light conditions. Not only can you view them in real time, they record clips whenever motion is detected in front of them. You can then have text messages or emails sent to you whenever a new clip has been recorded.

To learn more about our IP cameras and the Total Connect app, call 1-800-265-5317 today, or JUST CLICK HERE.

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