IP Cameras

Wireless Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras allow you to keep a constant eye on your home from wherever you are. You can view a range up to 50 feet and can see activity in the dark. Not much more than a broadband network is needed to let indoor cameras connect wirelessly.

Ideally you want to place an indoor camera in a large room or hallway to maximize the indoor camera’s range. They are not meant to be used outdoors.


PTZ Cameras

The pan, tilt, zoom camera is an indoor camera with a greater range of view than the indoor camera. You can control it to maximize the field of view by panning, tilting, and zooming.

Ideally you want to place the PTZ Camera in larger rooms that require a greater field of view to see them in their entirety. Again, the PTZ Camera is not meant to be used outside.


Wireless Outdoor Camera 

The real advantage of an outdoor camera is that they are weatherproof and withstands winter and summer temperatures. The primary function is to provide video surveillance of the exterior areas of your property. Some can also see in the dark up to 40 feet.

Ideally you want to place an Outdoor Wireless Camera in your backyard, driveway or sidewalk leading to your front door. It is unnecessary for indoor uses.

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