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How To Prevent Package Theft At The Holidays

Package theft can be a major problem during the holiday season, especially for those who do a lot of online shopping. Here are some tips for preventing package theft and ensuring your loved ones receive those thoughtful gifts: 

  1. Use a delivery service that requires a signature upon delivery. This will ensure that someone needs to be present to receive the package, reducing the chance that it will be stolen. 
  1. Have your packages delivered to a secure location, such as your workplace or a friend or family member’s house. 
  1. Use a package delivery lockbox. These lockboxes can be placed outside your home and allow delivery drivers to securely drop off packages without the risk of them being stolen.  
  1. Consider installing a security camera. This can help you keep an eye on your packages and deter would-be thieves. 
  1. If possible, schedule your deliveries for a time when you will be home to receive them. 
  1. Consider signing up for in-store pickup for your packages. This will allow you to pick up your packages at a time that is convenient for you and reduce the risk of theft. 
  1. If you are expecting a package but will not be home to receive it, consider asking a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for it and bring it inside for you. 
  1. Consider installing a home monitoring system. These systems use sensors and cameras to detect activity around your home and alert you when something out of the ordinary occurs. With a video doorbell system from SecurityONE, you can keep an eye on your deliveries while deterring would-be thieves. 

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your packages arrive safely and avoid the frustration of package theft. 

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