Fitness Trackers

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution fall to the wayside. Spring is the perfect time to revisit your personal fitness goals. Here are a few great fitness tracker devices to help you.

  • Fitbit. With a wide array of fitness products to help you get – or stay – healthy, Fitbit is impressive. Their devices can track your steps, stairs, distance travelled, calorie intake, and even you sleeping pattern.
  • Nike Fuelband. This device tracks movement and sleep. The display screen on the band provides your data output and syncs with a handy phone app.
  • Jawbone UP. The device is perfect for fashion conscious as it looks like a simple bracelet. It, too, tracks movement and sleep, but also comes with a Bluetooth synced phone app. The also have an app to track your caffeine intake and how it affects your sleep patterns.


Set you fitness goals realistically, over 12 week periods. Try to hit one goal each week. When you can do that, make 2 or 3 goals each week. Don’t worry about hitting perfection – if you can accomplish 85 % of the weekly goals, you’ll hit your 12 week goal.

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